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coffee colored rhymes

♥ and falling's just another way to fly ♥


Hey-ho! This is Minchan's main journal- that is to say, the journal she uses to write with, not the one she uses to ramble about her life. She, uh, doesn't keep one like that, because there's not much to post to the net about. And there's, like, no point there.

So please feel free to leave constructive criticism on any of the works you find herein, older or newer- this doesn't mean go "RAWR RAWR RAWR u suck" though. It means point out specific things that need work and how to improve upon them (e.g. how to use semicolons right, tips for getting descriptions in without making the setting seem awkwardly thrown in there, advice on how to make my writing clearer.)

I write mostly fanfiction, and do a little fanart and some icons, but am hoping to get some more original fiction up here soon. Until then, have a nice day, and I hope you find something to enjoy!

I wished for
to become my Puella Magi

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