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coffee colored rhymes
♥ and falling's just another way to fly ♥
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So I really kind of wanna play this game. . .

This is a (probably soon to be out of date) full and complete list of the works currently on this journal. Eventually, hopefully currently on LJ, as I originally didn't do the whole (LINK TO JOURNAL) when I posted in communities, just (CUT HERE). If I feel really ambitious, maybe it will eventually cover older fanworks on different sites, however . . . .

This is arranged alphabetically, and a lot of the works currently listed are. . . older ones that aren't so good.


OneCollapse )

NineCollapse )


OneCollapse )


OneCollapse )
[2] Bel/Fran + [5] variations
[1] Fran/Chrome + [1] variation
[16] Fran + [3] variations
[2] Mammon
[2] Mukuro

Icons under cutCollapse )

xx Rules xx
  • I know I'm new to iconing and everything, but credit rainxlikexstars , please. To do this, put <lj user="rainxlikexstars"> in the comments field when you upload. ♥
  • Textless icons are not bases. ♥
  • Comments are love. ♥
  • So are advice, tips, etc. ♥
N-none of the artwork is mine. Sources are mostly pixiv, and I used some textures by silverque. ♥
13 Apr - Cybersex
Title: Cybersex
Characters/Pairing: Verde/unnamed OC
Summary: Whoever invented image sharing must have been a denizen of hell.
Word Count: 431
Rating: Gen/PG
Warnings: First time writing Verde, wonky formatting. Otherwise safe.

Not as young as Bianchi but far too young for a man who was stubbornly celebrating his fortieth birthday next month, despite the physiological inconsistencies.Collapse )

Red Rover by ~Uchiha-Minnoko on deviantART
Pairing: Bel/Haru
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Prompt: Faeiries, Green; from the 7rainbowprompts community.

Title: untitled
Author/Artist: rainxlikexstars
Rating: PG/General
Warnings: 27/86 = Not Minchan's pairing
Prompt: 1-59. 2786 - crying shoulder; "being jolly doesn't mean you're happy" Fic
Word count:  567
Summary: It was this caring for the world that she fell in love with.

Time clicks by. She can hear the clock over her tears.Collapse )

Title: untitled
Author/Artist: rainxlikexstars
Rating: PG
Warnings: onesided, poor quality
Prompt: 1-55. Tsuna/Haru - paramour; "you'll embrace me like a star" Fic
Word count: 223
She would eventually leave that world behind.


In that world. . .Collapse )


Title: untitled
Author/Artist: rainXlikeXstars
Rating: PG to be safe, probably works as General
Warnings: Ryohei's dead, never really written Kyoko before
Word count: 1096
Summary: She wanted to open the box.

The news came in the form of a letter, and the letter came with a boxCollapse )
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